Bazooka Drums

A basic set of virtual drums that you can work with on your computer to build your own tunes with a few clicks and create original sounds

Status: This app is officially discontinued and no longer in development since Jul 22nd, 2015

Developers: Shaun Roselt and Gorhin Stroebel

Download: Softpedia Store (Windows Desktop)

Bazooka Drums is a user-friendly and straightforward piece of software designed to help you simulate playing the drums on your PC, even if you have no musical experience or knowledge of the instrument.

Portability advantages

Once downloaded, you can simply decompress the archive and launch the executable to get started, as you do not need to install the program in order to use it.

As a result, you can store and run Bazooka Drums from a removable storage device, including USB sticks, thus letting you work with it on any compatible system, regardless of where you may find yourself.

Play the drums with a few mouse button presses

The utility’s main role is that of providing you with the ability to play the drums on your computer, offering an exceedingly basic environment for this task, as it only features a small-sized window with nine different buttons, each corresponding to the sounds it can produce.

As such, you can click on ‘Kick’, ‘Hat’, ‘Snare’, ‘Tom’, ‘Shaker’, ‘Clav’, ‘Ping’, ‘Rumble’ or ‘Rim’, each sound differing from one another. However, Bazooka Drums does not allow you to record your drum play into a song, nor can you adjust anything about its rendering (volume, duration, etc).

While there are no customization possibilities when working with Bazooka Drums, you can replace the WAV audios from the ‘Sounds’ folder with same-named files and generate your own mix.

A basic virtual drums set

To sum it up, Bazooka Drums is a fun and easy to use application aimed to help you mimic drum play on your computer. It offers little to no additional features apart from what can be seen at the first glance, no customizable options or functions, but it can provide you with a moment of entertainment with only a couple of mouse clicks.

App review was written by Marina Dan from Softpedia


Bazooka Drums - Screenshot

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